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This TV was a spontaneous purchase for me and my girlfriend. We decided to go HD and what better place to do so than our friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart Supercenter.

We eventually purchased the Polaroid TDA-03211C on September 9, 2007 as a seemingly good value buy and at least in name an American company, so much for economic patriotism. Out of the box the TV worked, looked, sounded, and once again, seemed great. It went kaput on October 17, 2007 and after 16 calls, 8 different customer service reps, 3 repair techs, and three wrong parts, I am officially going to warn every person that I can of this TV and the Polaroid Corporation.

To state that I feel cheated, lied to, and downright robbed is an understatement. There is a known problem with what they call the control-box, which is the key component of the television. Customer service sent us a new one initially without even taking a look at the TV. I inferred that there is probably a known design flaw with this part if Polaroid automatically sends new ones without actually first trouble shooting. If the part is in backlog, which it was for me, it will take about 1 month for the part to arrive from China. You will have to wait for the “independent tech” to contact you to schedule an appointment for repair. Polaroid outsources the repair of their product.

Polaroid does not want to give you a new TV nor does it want to refund your money. WARNING!!! Polaroid does not want to give you a new TV nor does it want to refund your money. It is their tactic to lie, give the customer the run around, and avoid resolution. Not a timely resolution, essentially no resolution whatsoever. I am now approaching the half-way point of the Polaroid 1 year warranty. This TV worked for 5 weeks and has become a 4 month headache. Do not purchase any Polaroid product. I personally believe that the restructuring after their bankruptcy has corrupted their capacity to manufacture quality products. Avoid this brand.

Monetary Loss: $730.

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:upset :cry :( :x :sigh :upset :upset :upset :upset :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( I don't even want to see the name Polaroid!!!!


Polaroid should stick to camera and leave the TV business to Companies that know what they are doing. I had similar DVD open/close cycle issues but lived with it.

Now after 3 years the TV screen went "POP" and then Blank, only sound. Also Purchased a Neighborhood Walmart.


I purchased the Polaroid TDA 03211C in December of 2007. Used the tv for a couple of days, then went back to our Florida home.

Came home for good in October of 2009. At this time our DVD player would not work.

Today, April 14, 2010 the tv won't come on, the screen stays blank. Sounds like all the problems I have been reading about on this site.

Polaroid will never see my business again.


another consumer of a Polaroid piece of Junk 03211c T.V.. I have used the dvd player but a few times and now it does not work?

I am surpised my T.V still does and will not expect any longevity out it, after reading other post. I agree, Polaroid T.V's suck!


Don't contact polaroid, BBB. They seem to do no good.

The Better Business Bureau sited with polaroid.

I feel like if enough people complained to the BBB, Polaroid would have to take some kind of action. Mine went out just 4 months after the warranty.


I wish to have a manual sent to me because for some reason there was none . I own the Polaroid TDA 03211C its the built in DVD and 32". Please contact me.

Thanks, sammy


My story sounds like what John experienced. I purchased a TDA-03211C from Walmart on August 30, 2007.

It is for a church where the DVD player is used less than once a week or it is connected to a computer and used as a large screen for the class to see. Like I said, used at most once a week. In the 11 months we owned it, it has only worked correctly for less than half that time. Polaroid sent the wrong part 2 times.

On the third try, after 3 months, the right part came and that worked for a month or two. Then I had a compassionate service tech who insisted that Polaroid send a whole new unit. Now a few months later the remote no longer communicates with the unit. I am waiting for a new remote to be sent from Polaroid.

With just 2 weeks left on the warrantee, I figure I'm about 3 weeks from having a piece of useless junk.

From what Polaroid paid the service tech's to come out and the parts they have sent, Polaroid would have been ahead to just give me a refund. But, no they won't do that. Oh well, the people who sit in the class all know not to purchase anything from Polaroid.

We have a plan to upgrade the older TV's in other classrooms. You better believe we'll never, never purchase a Polaroid.

Agawam, Massachusetts, United States #2992

they always will sent you a controlbox the other part is the lcd pannel with the necesary electronics. What is to expensive to replace.

they dont sent a lcd pannel out for replace. When you call them you never get a technician on the phone only a poor trained callcenter-worker. I have to change about 4 control -boxes on polaroid tv's a week.

My coworkers also. 2 out of 4 sent control-boxes dont work.

Bryantown, Maryland, United States #2840

i bought a polaroid tda-03211c in the fall of 2007 after just 3 months the dvd player quit working and after contacting polaroid service department they sent me a new module. i installed it my self and all seemed well except when the tv is turned on the dvd player cycles from the open to closed mode several times .

I have lived with this problem but now after watching tv for a couple of hours the color fades to all green and then black and white.i have to turn the tv off and on to get the color to return but this is only a temporary fix. polaroid is only interested in selling these units they don't give a *** if they work.

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