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I bought a TDX-02610B TV/DVD Combo in Jan '08 and it worked fine for a few months. It wasn't long until the DVD player started making a loud grinding noise and the picture would freeze up completely.

I would have to unplug the TV to get it to work again. It finally wouldn't work at all. In addition to that I moved the TV to another room and never got a picture again that wasn't fuzzy or grainy. I sent it in to their service center - Proview in Houston.

The first time I shipped it to them was in July '08, when they returned the tv to me it still had the same picture problem. I have since been through 2 refurbished units and it is now October '08 and I am getting my original TV back to see if it will work now. I am going on 3 months of jackin' with shipping tv's back & forth to Houston. What a joke!

I guess you get what you pay for and I did......will never buy another polaroid again.!!

They live up to there name.....ROID!

Monetary Loss: $470.

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I purchased the same television, have the same problem literally, almost word for word. It sounds like the TV's are just slapped together and sold without quality testing. Love the customer support and the product replacement, it really is something to be desired.

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